zondag 21 april 2013

A Video Of A DC3 Flight In Prepar3D

Prepar3D: DC3 flight in Canaima, SVCN, Venezuela


 YouTube:        http://youtu.be/-G73UWpHD9c

For this flight I used an FSX default DC3, exchanging the un-interesting sound file by an FS2004 freeware sound file (DC3deluxesounds.zip on avsim). 

The FSX-scenery is by David Maldonado, a Venezuelan scenery maker. The scenery can be found on avsim, svcn.zip, under FSX sceneries. He makes Venezuela worth visiting, there are many more sceneries by this author.

I used a panel which I designed myself, using the FS2004 SDK. The panel is designed to be used with multiple display-screens, the subpanels will pop up during the start-up procedures. 

What I have tried to make clear, is that all these applications work flawlessly in Prepar3D. Once P3D is installed, most of the applications used in FSX will also work in P3D. And many FS2004 items aswell.

The images may seem rather shakey at times, stuttering. This is mainly due to the use of video capturing programm. Without the video recorder the framerate is about  20 on my computer (an old graphic card: nVidea 9800). 

I also wanted to show the difference between PhotoReal scenery and FSX/P3D autogen scenery. There is definitely a feeling of reality with the real scenery. However, the aim of FSX/P3D is to have a plausible scenery, with a world filled with objects, trees, houses, traffic. Somehow, this world is more 3 dimensional, even though the mesh is the same.

At the end of the video I state very clearly, "I like P3D"

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