zondag 18 augustus 2013

IVAO Fly-In at Schaffen airfield (EBDT)

Fly-In for old timer aircraft organised on IVAO by Joris Laeremans

                                                                                      August 10th and 11th

Some 18 internet flyers participated, flying mostly World War II aircraft: P51's, Spitfires,  Lancaster and B17 bombers and DC3's.
Some aircraft could not land and overflew the airfield, often in formation. Impressive displays.
With a SW wind, in fact a strong  wind on the Sunday, rwy 24 was the active runway. Most aircraft used the Averbode abbey as entry /exit point. 
As EBDT is absent in FSX it was the EBDT_scenery mentioned on the FlightSim tab of this blog that was used by all of the flyers. The abbey is prominently visible.
Here are some screenshots of the Fly-In:
                                                                                     view from a P51 Mustang approaching rwy24

                                                   a parked Mustang overlooking main Taxiway

main parking area at fuel pump, the Lancaster in reality would never be able to take off from the Schaffen airfield. 

display: a Lancaster in formation with two spitfires.

There are definite intentions to organize this event again in 2014

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